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A community where the worlds of herbalism and modern medicine meet to support your journey to optimal health and wellness…without all the overwhelm and intimidation!

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Not sure where to start?

Maybe you already started, but now you’re overwhelmed and stuck? That’s ok! I’m here to help you take your next steps at whatever level you’re at. We’re building a community filled with resources to help you through your journey. One of my favorite things about herbalism is there’s always something new to learn. Let’s learn together.

There is so much on social media about herbal remedies… so how do you know WHO TO TRUST? When you’re getting started, knowing where to go to learn is overwhelming. When I first started out I quickly learned that for every 10 herbalists I talked to, I’d get 10 different opinions. How can you possibly learn when everyone is saying something different?! This is the place to learn THE FACTS about herbalism and natural healing, to learn how to take control of your health and wellness, and to be part of a community that will support you during your journey.

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Friend, this is the place for you.

I’m here to help! I’m a former paramedic turned Naturopathic Herbalist and I learned long ago that the road to healing cannot be achieved with modern medicine alone. If you’re here, you know that there’s a better way, and I’m here to teach it to you!

Meet Jen, your new Herbalist friend!

Hi! I’m Jen, a former big city paramedic turned medicinal herb farmer and Naturopathic Herbalist. I learned a long time ago that the road to healing cannot be achieved with modern medicine alone. I have been growing and using herbs for over a decade. But, I really started diving deep into natural healing and learning what herbalism could do for me and my family when I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, an incurable degenerative spinal autoimmune disease. Through a lot of research, herbalism classes, and good old fashioned trial and error, I learned that Stinging Nettle, Turmeric, Black Pepper, and Astragalus, along with avoiding food triggers and taking the right supplements can help prevent debilitating flares. Finding the right protocol has been a game changer and has allowed me to do things again that were very difficult before…like growing herbs!

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