At the root of all wellness, lies your gut.

Gastrointestinal tract with pictures of herbs

Seventy to eighty percent of your immune system lives in your gut, and if something is off there, everything is off. Herbal medicine is a helpful tool in maintaining balance in the gut. However, for the herbal beginner, it can be overwhelming and confusing figuring out where to start.

This course is designed to help you

This course, The Herbal Gut, is course 1 of The Herbal Body (coming so soon!). A course series designed to teach you about herbal medicine one system at a time and how to apply it all. In this series, you’ll learn about many herbs, how to grow them, preserve them, create medicine with them, and improve your overall wellness.

Welcome to The Herbal Gut, I can’t wait for you to join!

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  1. I’ve had problems with my stomach all my life and have been diagnosed with IBS. I’ve been in the hospital several times with the obstruction issues and have had lifesaving surgery because of it. So I’m really sensitive to the foods that I eat. Specifically acidic foods. But I don’t know of any other foods that I may need to cut back on cut out or anything else. I’m on disability and most of the time I can’t afford to go to the doctors. But I sure would like to learn something if I could.

    1. Hi Chris, I’m sorry to hear you’re having such a hard time with your gut. The Herbal Gut course does go over several herbs that are beneficial for people who suffer from IBS. We have 2 members of our family who also have it, and we find a lot of support between a good herbal protocol and the right nutrition.

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