Making Mullein Flower Ear Oil

Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) has multiple uses. Leaves are used for lung support, the roots for back pain and inflammation, and the flowers are specifically used for the ears. Mullein flower ear oil is helpful for ear discomfort, ear congestion associated with colds and allergies, and ear pain resulting from ear infections. Making mullein flower ear oil is a fast and simple way to help ease the discomfort from these conditions.

mullein flowers
Mullein flowers and oil in a jar

Identifying Mullein

Identifying mullein is a fairly easy task, but it does look different depending on the stage that it’s in. In its first year, mullein grows low to the ground and has a rosette appearance with large fuzzy, velvety leaves. In its second year, mullein sends out a stalk that can grow 4-6 ft tall. The leaves remain large and have that same fuzzy, velvety texture 3/4 of the way straight up the stalk. The last 1/4 of the stalk will be filled with beautiful yellow flowers.


First Year Mullein

Harvesting Mullein

Mullein is a biennial wild growing herb found in zones 3-9. It grows in almost any type of soil and is typically found in “wasteland” soils. If you choose to wildcraft his herb instead of purposefully growing it, remember to follow good and safe harvesting practices:

  • DO NOT harvest from roadside areas
  • DO NOT harvest from areas that are sprayed or treated with chemicals of any kind
  • Be sure to harvest from areas that allow harvesting and collecting of wild plants (check local ordinances)
  • Only harvest up to 1/3 of the plant to ensure it survives and can repopulate in following seasons

Making An Oil Preparation

Making your mullein flower ear oil is an incredibly simple task. You can use fresh herb for this, or you can choose to dehydrate the flowers first. Either preparation is acceptable. However, if you choose to use dehydrated herb, use half the amount of herb versus the fresh herb ratio.

Fill your jar with fresh mullein flowers (half way with dried herb). Fill the jar to the very top with standard olive oil. It’s important that you fill it up all the way to keep the flowers completely submerged in the oil. Put on a tightly fitting lid and place it in a cool dark place for 4 weeks. Remember to shake it every day.

There is an option of infusing your mullein flower oil quicker, too. Prepare your jar that same way, then fill a crock pot with water, set it on low, and “cook” it for several hours.

Regardless of your preparation technique, when it’s done, strain the flowers with a fine sieve or strainer, and store your fresh oil in a cool dark place. Personally, I store it in the refrigerator for up to 3 months.

Using Your Oil Infusion

When you’re ready to use your mullein flower ear oil, warm it gently under a warm tap for a minute or two. Gently shake it to ensure even heating. Place 1-2 drops into the ear and gently massage.

It’s important to note that if you are using any other ear drops, particularly an antibiotic ear drop, that you should not use them at the same time. Use your prescription as directed, and use your mullein flower oil in between your prescription doses.

As always before using any herbal preparation, be sure to check with your doctor, especially if you have any underlying conditions or are on any medications.

Mullein is a wonderful herb to use that is useful in several applications. Making mullein flower ear oil is an excellent way to utilize this amazing herb and is a fabulous addition to your home apothecary. To see this entire process from start to finish, click HERE or the video below.

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