The Herbal Gut Course

"The medical system failed me."

"I am always sick or struggling and nothing help."

"I just have a bad or sensitive stomach."

If this is how you feel, your gut is in trouble.

Gut imbalance causes problems with every other system in the body if it’s not corrected. Often times simple fixes in our daily life and routine can correct gut imbalance and drastically improve our quality of life. For more complex conditions, herbalism can help too!

The Herbal Gut is the first step in understanding what herbs to use and how to use them and be confident doing it!

"I want to learn about herbalism but I don't know where to start."

"Herbalism is confusing and overwhelming."

"I don't know what herbs to use."

"I have medical conditions and I'm scared to add herbs."

Before I learned about herbalism, I was trained as a paramedic and raised by a nurse. I was deeply influenced by western medicine and thought that pharmaceuticals were the only options to healing illness. As I started homesteading and learning more and more about herbs, I started seeing that there were other options. But how did I get started?

When I started my herbalism journey, I found myself confused on where to even start!

There are so many options, but with every class I took and every book I read, I felt like I was only learning pieces of what I wanted to know. Eventually I started connecting herbal properties to my knowledge of emergency medicine and anatomy and physiology and it all started making sense. Learning about herbal medicine as it pertained to each system of the body, as my family had illness or injury that needed healing made so much more sense to me!

That is how The Herbal Body course series was born.

Herbs in jars on a shelf

My hope is that, as you navigate through these courses, you not just memorize information about herbs but develop a deep understanding of them, how they work WITH your body, how you can balance western medicine (allopathy) and herbalism confidently and successfully.