Herbal Gift Ideas For The Holidays

Hello Herbal Friends! I hope the holiday season has brought you plenty of joy and relaxation with your loved ones. As we gear up for the festivities, I want to share some thoughtful handmade gift ideas that you can create right in your home. Creating these handmade herbal gifts is a great way of blessing your loved ones with the health benefits of herbs as well as providing a beautiful and functional item that they are sure to love. There are so many possibilities when you’re working with herbs. You can keep it super simple and create sachets to place in drawers or under the pillow to promote sleep at night, or make something a bit more complex and personalized. Let’s go over five of my favorite herbal gift ideas that are sure to bless your loved ones this holiday season.

Personalized Tea Blends

mixed herbs

There’s nothing quite like the gift of a soothing cup of tea, especially during the busy holiday season. Putting together a tea blend set for someone special is an excellent gift idea.

This herbal gift option has the most room for individualizing. A friend that loves sweet and floral flavored teas would likely enjoy an herbal blend of chamomile, lavender, mint, and rose hips.

If you’re thinking of creating a blend for someone who enjoys an after dinner cup of tea, try a 50/50 blend of chocolate mint and lavender. It’s a subtle mint flavor paired with the calming abilities of lavender, and holds multiple benefits for after meal digestion and settling the body in preparation for sleep.

For someone who struggles with stress, consider a blend of skullcap, chamomile, lemon balm, lavender, and catnip.

The possibilities for personalizing tea blends are endless.


    1. Making tinctures invovles putting fresh or dried herb into an alcohol (vodka, gin, or brandy are good choices) and infusing it for 6-8 weeks. The process allows the herbal properties to infuse into the alcohol, and you’re left with a concentrated herbal medicine that can be used to support the system.

      Like tea blends, tinctures can be personalized to fit personal needs. If you’re gifting a tincture to someone who has used them before and knows how they react to them, a personalized blend could be a great gift.

      One of my favorites for daily support through the winter is a blend of Goldenrod, Nettle, and Astragalus. These 3 herbs help with indoor allergies, inflammation, and immune system support…three things that are very helpful to me during the cold months.

      If you are gifting tinctures to someone that has never used them before, I always suggest that they start with single herb tinctures. That way they can determine what works best for them, what may not give them the results they want, and they can adjust accordingly.

    2. To learn more about making tinctures, watch this video.
Mugwort and amber bottles

Infused Oils

  1. Herbal Infused Oils are my absolute favorite. They can be used as the base to soaps, lotions, and salves, or they can be used as a hair oil, as a nourshing skin treatment, or to spot treat as needed for rashes, irritations, bites, scrapes or stings.
To make herbal infused oils, start with a dry herb. Calendula, nettle, rose, rosemary, comfrey and lavender are the herbs we like to use most when making oils. Fill a glass jar 1/3 with the dry herb, and top it off with an oil of your choice. Let it sit in a cool dark place and shake daily for 4 weeks.

I like to use olive oil, but if it’s meant to be a hair oil, you may want to use a lighter oil like jojoba to infuse into. Another popular oil that holds its own amazing benefits is castor oil. Infusing herbs into castor oil would create a powerful topical herbal remedy.


If you’ve never worked with castor oil before, it’s very thick. It takes longer to infuse then other oils, and though it can definately be used on its own, I prefer to use it as a base ingredient in soap, salves, and skin butters.



  1. Salves are easy to make and have numerous applications. They’re a staple for our family’s first aid kit. Some of our favorite salves to keep on hand include:

    -Comfrey & Calendula: for bruising, inflammation, and skin issues

    -Lavender: for minor burns

  2. -Plantain & Yarrow: for bites, stings, scratches, and wound care
Salves are made with herbal infused oil, beeswax, and if you choose, you can add essential oils for a boost of medicinal properties and a bit of aroma therapy as well. They set up quickly and, as long as you have your infused oils ready to go, they can be ready to gift within a day or two.

Be sure to tell the person you are gifting it to, that it is temperature sensitive. If you leave salves in hot environments, it will melt. However, if that does happen, stick it in the fridge for a couple hours and it’ll be just fine.
Salve in a jar

Handmade Soap

homemade soap with sage herb

Herbal infused soap is a truly amazing gift to give. Of all the herbal gifts I’ve given over the years, this one always impresses the most. And those who are new to homemade soaps are always surprised at how good their skin looks and feels after a while of using it.

This project is the most complex of the gift ideas we’ve talked about, but it’s not too difficult and can be made in an afternoon with a handful of ingredients.

The time consuming part of soap making is the curing time. After soap is made, it should be cut within around 24 hours and needs to be placed to cure in a well-ventilated area for 4-6 weeks. 

The process of curing allows some of the water content of the soap to evaporate, hardening the bar and ensuring it’ll last longer. To accelerate the cure time a little, it does help to keep fans on the soap.

Once handmade soap is cut, it’s safe to use immediately. However, using an uncured bar is a good way to turn it to mush pretty quickly.

To get all the details on how to make homemade herbal infused soap, read this post.

One of my favorite things about giving gifts with the herbs we grow, is they can be as general or as personal as I want them to be. Want to make a gift suitable for your neighbor or kid’s teacher? Salves are a great option and straight forward to use. Have a family member that you know is having a lot of trouble sleeping? Make a custom tea blend to help them out and provide a little more direction on how to use it for optimal results. Regardless of who you’re creating a gift for, any of these preparations are sure to impress.

Want to see these more about these gift ideas and more? Check out this YouTube video. Video is my favorite way to learn about making herbal products. It’s the next best thing to working with them. If you want to see how to make all of the items I talked about in this post and more, take a peek at my YouTube library. There’s something for everybody.

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