Welcome to Serenity Hill Farmstead

Hi, I'm Jen!

About Our Farm

We own a 10 acre property that is largely kept raw and wild except for the few trails that we maintain, and have the time of our lives hunting, foraging, and wildcrafting what’s naturally there. In 2020 we cleared 3 of those acres up front for a homestead site and small scale regenerative herb farm. We believe when soil health is the priority, it produces a healthier, stronger, more nutrient and medicinally dense crop. So we focus on farming practices that feed and build our soil like no-till, crop rotation, polyculture, and permaculture. Currently we’re growing more than 50 herbs and wildcrafting many more. After working several years in emergency medicine, I’m very passionate about herbal medicinals and what they do for my family, and what they can do for your’s too. We use them many ways on a daily basis and I love teaching others about them. Our entire family pitches in to run our family farm, but I’m the maker of our family run business. I create the herbal tea blends, herbal soaps, salves, tinctures and all of the herbal education that we offer. It all started with an eczema covered toddler, I dove head first into soapmaking, and I never looked back. That was in 2011.

The History of Our Farm

Our Tiny Home in the Making...

Our land was once a commercial farm and they farmed it to death...

In modern commercial farming, monoculture (single crop) production is common. Growing the same crop that takes nutrients year after year without feeding organic matter back into the soil, strips it of everything that makes soil…soil. Tilling several times every year, no animal grazing, and the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, does not produce healthy soil. In fact, it destroys healthy soil. That’s exactly what happened here. Years of commercial practice washed away all of the topsoil and left it barren, with deep ruts, flooding, no wildlife, and not habitable for anyone. It was enrolled into a CRP (Conservation Reservation Program) and after a decade of introducing native grasses and trees, and another 20 years of attracting wildlife, and simply letting it rest and do what nature does…it’s a lush thriving biodiverse farm. We are committed to regenerative agricultural practices and retaining the health and biodiversity of our soil, so we can keep a diverse ecosystem and high quality organically raised herbs.

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